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GOP: Christie Wants To Tell The Truth, But Ann Wants To Talk Love! Phat Chance.

English: Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie

English: Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Truth Telling!

At the GOP convention, Chris Christie wants to tell the truth to American people, take on big ideas and sacrifices while Ann Romney wants to talk to America about the love her family shares. What a contradiction, tough love or love thy neigh bough? Once again GOP are talking from both sides of their month. Ok, say  we buy into their truth telling garbage even though we know that Republicans don’t know how to tell truth, do you think the GOP will start telling truth about everything. Maybe they will tell the truth abouth the phrase “we build it”, how about their so call “common sense health care or their made up job killing taxes. I have a list of things that I will like for the GOP to start telling America the truth about. Maybe we can get the GOP to tell the truth about why they blocked every policy by Obama to improve the economy. You think the GOP really wants to tell the truth? Phat chance! because the Republicans can’t handle the truth. It is just another line and lie they are selling to America.

Talking Love!

While Chris Christie was telling truth so to speak, Ann Romney wants to talk to America about her love relationship with Mitt “echy Sketch” Romney in the GOP attempt to reinvent the king of flip flopper.  She wanted America to believe that they were eating tuna sandwiches to bed in college or that she feels the pain that we are feeling when we loose our Job, our house or when we get our car repossessed.  You know rich people look stupid when they try to fake being poor or when they try to act like they are 99%. Ann, you can put lipstic on a pig, it is still a pig, Sara Palin will tell you that.Photo of Ann Romney at the Reagan Dinner in De...

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