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Mitt “Etch-A-Sketch” Romney!


Say it ain’t so! The GOP, Paul Ryan, The Republicans, Conservatives, the whole right wings crazies and Mitt


Mitt-Romney (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Romney all displayed the ultimate “etch-a- sketch” convention to showcase their hateful flag bearer to represent their hateful agenda. They wants America to magically forget where we have been, who brought us to this point and who have stopped every chance to fix the economy. They want to erase the past, blame Obama but cry fowl that Obama blamed GW for the mess we are in. Republicans are shameless and they are notorious liers. Their whole convention was to criticized Obama but yet offer anything on how they will fix the economy. Their plan, he is bad and I am great so elect me! Really? Republicans cannot be trusted with the United States government. They have made their intentions clear, to them the government is the problem. This man Mitt etch-a-sketch Romney has been running for the president of the United States for over 6 years but now he is been reintroduce to America. Really? The whole Republican convention is a shenanigan to frud the American people by lieing about a decent mans records. It is a mass deception ploy.

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