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Remember Leslie Elder!

Aware of ‘no options,’ woman dies fighting for medical coverage

Leslie Elder participates in the 2010 Race for the Cure. She was diagnosed with cancer four separate times.

Before you cast your vote in the 2012 general election, take a moment to remember Leslie Elder who died of cancer because she has no health insurance. The insurance industry failed her, the Republican led Congress failed her and the people that has blocked efforts to established

English: Nations with Universal health care sy...

English: Nations with Universal health care systems. Nations with some type of universal health care system. Nations attempting to obtain universal health care. Health care coverage provided by the United States war funding. Nations with no universal health care. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

a universal health care for all Americans failed her. She might be alive today if she was given the chance and opportunity to have decent health care in America, the richest nation on earth. If you don’t know, the so called Obama care will change that. Many Americans just like Leslie will be able to get health insurance and the insurance company cannot deny her because of her pre-existing health issues and if she can’t afford it, the government will chip in some money to help. That is why the insurance companies and the Republicans are so upset with Obama because they don’t think the government should help no one even people like Leslie Elder. So next election should be one election for Leslie, it should be one election for millions of Americans that has no health insurance because if the GOP and Mitt Romney have their way, millions like Leslie will go without health insurance. So vote for Obama so that we can move forward with Obama care for All Americans.

Read More About Her Tragedy @ http://www.cnn.com/2012/09/01/health/elder-insurance/index.html

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