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It Took Bush Eight Years To Mess It Up, It Will Take More Than Four Years For Obama To Clean It Up!

Bush's Brain: How Karl Rove Made George W. Bus...

Bush’s Brain: How Karl Rove Made George W. Bush Presidential (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From the get go, we the Liberals and progressives knew that George Bush was dumb, but the Republicans led by Karl Rove and Dick Chaney moved heaven and earth to get him elected not once but twice and true enough, our suspicions were right because everything he did along with the GOP were wrong and their policies threw our country into dark times in our nations history. From their tax cuts to their medicare, from their arrogant in their international diplomacy to their made up reasons to go to war,  from their domestic secret surveillance to their global war on terrorism, they created the nations deepest and ugly side of  American histories that this country will have to deal with for many years to come. They created economic, social and political bowl of mess that will take several administration to clean up no matter who or political party in charge. Things were s crude up in America and beyond. They plunged the whole world into financial melt down.  From America to United Kingdom,  Africa to Asia and from the Middle East to Central America, these clowns set the globe on a financial destruction that the world is still trying to get out of.  The unfunded wars, medicare that gave seniors the donut hole, the high medication fees that they set up to favor their cooperate masters, the massive tax cuts to their billionaire friends all led to our depression that resulted in 800,000 job lost a month, lost of homes across America, lost of savings and livelihood of American citizens. These douche bags did not acknowledge the seriousness of our financial catastrophe until they were about to leave the office. Hell they should be sent to jail for what they did to America and the world. The republican dirty seven destroyed the American way of life along with our reputation around the world.



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