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Is Mitt Romney The Manchurian Candidate?

Mitt Romney Steve Pearce event 056

Mitt Romney Steve Pearce event 056 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To know Mitt Romney is to know where he has been in the last  several years of his life and what he has been up to.  For the purpose of this post,  I will divide his actions and he believes in four Romney s! Romney part one is the vulture and parasite Romney raised by dog eat dog cooperate masters mentality which lead to the creation of Bain Capitol where his sole motives was to take from American Citizens and gut the company that they work for, out source it and loot the bank account leaving the poor employees hard and dry. Romney part two! After making millions, stashing some in off shore bank accounts and evading taxes by giving millions to his children, Romney etch-a-sketch, ran and won the governorship of the states of Massachusetts where he acted progressive where he passed 1.0 Obama care.  Romney part three! after 4 year as a moderate in Massachusetts, Romney etch-a-sketch and ran for president of the united states in 2008 where he was eaten alive by conservatives because he was not crazy and hateful  enough. Now Romney part four, Romney etch-a-sketch yet again going complete insane so he could win the GOP primary and it worked. All through the primaries, he went so far to the right and now he is trapped in lunatic planet knowing fully well that he is a moderate. Romney is stuck in the middle between reality and crazy land of the Republicans that are already dwindling like dinosaurs. As he is trying to etch-a-sketch his way back into the center, he got caught with his pants down at one of his cooperate masters fund raising where he dissed  half of the America electorate saying that they are parasites  that feeds on the federal government and that they don’t have sense of responsibility. Romney not knowing that the camera was rolling let out his true racist, anti poor people color like the Manchurian man. Romney and the Republicans needs to face the truth that they messed up the economy, that Obama has been trying to clean up their mess and that the economy is getting better insteasd of trying to sell America a nonsense bill of goods. It is garbage in and garbage out just like the Fox False News clowns.


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