Remember Leslie Elder!

Aware of ‘no options,’ woman dies fighting for medical coverage Before you cast your vote in the 2012 general election, take a moment to remember Leslie Elder who died of cancer because she has no health insurance. The insurance industry failed her, the Republican led Congress failed her and the people that has blocked efforts […]

Republican Lie Memo! Mass Conspiracy For A Mass Deception!

Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Republican Congress and the entire conservatives movement have decided that they will lie about everything to win the 2012 general election. They all read from the same memo, they sound alike, and they all look stupid regurgitating the same garbage that makes one sick in the stomach. Honestly, I am sick […]

Lets Organize One Rally For America!

Filed under: Uncategorized — 1 Comment August 25, 2012 2012 Election is around the corner and we know what the Republicans wants to do, we also know what the 1% millionaires and billionaires let by the Koch brothers wants to do. My question to you fellow 99% Americans is what are you going to do? […]

Mitt “Etch-A-Sketch” Romney!

  Say it ain’t so! The GOP, Paul Ryan, The Republicans, Conservatives, the whole right wings crazies and Mitt Romney all displayed the ultimate “etch-a- sketch” convention to showcase their hateful flag bearer to represent their hateful agenda. They wants America to magically forget where we have been, who brought us to this point and […]

GOP: Christie Wants To Tell The Truth, But Ann Wants To Talk Love! Phat Chance.

Truth Telling! At the GOP convention, Chris Christie wants to tell the truth to American people, take on big ideas and sacrifices while Ann Romney wants to talk to America about the love her family shares. What a contradiction, tough love or love thy neigh bough? Once again GOP are talking from both sides of […]

Todd Akin, Paul Ryan And The Republican War On Women

When America is facing the worst economic depression in modern times, the Gop led by Paul Ryan and the Republican Congress were all over the country waging war on women and the women reproductive  organs. To win the American hearts and minds in 2010, the GOP lied to Americans running on job creations, deficit reduction […]